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Stop your team from reinventing the wheel

Enrich search results in your favourite search engine with relevant company content

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What if you could stop your team from repeating mistakes?

As a team you invest a lot in sharing knowledge and best practices to keep your edge.

Still, people use Google to find answers. They scan through SEO optimized landing pages looking for relevant content, while your best practices and previous learnings are screaming for attention in Google Drive, Dropbox or Sharepoint.

Information is crucial to get our jobs done, now it finds you whenever you need it

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our solution

Enrich Google search with relevant company content

Searching Google is a habit, and nobody likes to change habits. enriches search results in your favourite search engine
Retrieve relevant company content, even Sharepoint and Drive documents, whenever you need it
Only when it’s job related. No worries, you can still browse for “funny cat” videos.

our solution

Build further on your company’s collective brain

instant access to your company’s collective brain.

- Get notified whenever you end up on a piece of content that’s already in your company’s workspace
- Find out what colleagues had to say about it and join the discussion.

Integrate knowledge with all your favourite search engines

umanai can enrich search results in Google, Stackoverflow, Sharepoint, Google Drive, and many more search engines!

You're in good company

Trusted by over 30 leading teams makes sure that the right piece of information finds our employees whenever they need it

It used to be a pain to make sure everyone had the right piece of information at the right time, especially when working with distributed teams. With we found a reliable, scalable way of sharing our internal knowledge.

Xander Steenbrugge Head of AI Research