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The smart alternative to static competency sheets

Create transparency in your team’s know-how and skills, in real-time.

Today's problem

You know what your colleagues had for lunch but you don’t know what skills they are working on

No more “please fill out your competency form”Excell is a great tool for many things, just not to keep track of everyone’s skills...

No more “do you know someone who could help me with this?You’re wasting time everyday not knowing who knows what and not being able to directly approach the right person for help.

Get to know what your team knows

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our solution

Your real-time skill resume, automatically updated

Keep track of your skills progression automatically, no more manually updating your resume.

Communicate your interests to the rest of your team with your focus skill.

Share your knowledge and have impact on others.

our solution

Keep track of topics, company-wide

All activity related to every skill brought together in company wide topic channels.

- Find relevant content when learning new topics
- Connect and learn from with the experts in your team

our solution

Real-time skill mapping, across all teams creates real-time transparency in your team’s skills.

- Find out who can help you when you’re stuck
- Discuss latest trends with colleagues that have the same interests
- Use data driving insights over gut-feeling

You're in good company

Trusted by over 30 leading teams

With I can see from the data insights how the skills of my team are evolving, in real-time!

We wanted to start with excel sheets to keep track of our team’s skills, but the speed at which new technologies are emerging makes it impossible to keep up manually.

Matthias Feys CTO