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No more exploding chat channels, unstructured folders and infinite email threads

Save, share and collaborate on content, straight from your browser

today's problem

The way we are sharing information today is broken

We’ve put man on the moon, but we’re still copy pasting urls, sending “read later” e-mails to ourselves, dumping “inspirational” website in 99+ different chat channels and creating folders in folders to keep things organised...

Information is crucial to get our jobs done, we've created a better way to share it.

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our solution

The easiest way to share information and insights

Save any type of content with one push of the button, straight from your browser.

- Auto-tagging makes it dead simple to retrieve information later
- Keep your stuff structured in collections
- Share with relevant people in one go A collaborative

A collaborative “bookmarking tool” on steroids.

our solution

Full contextual collaboration, where and when it matters adds context to content

Leave notes and highlight relevant snippets — build your company’s collective brain
Share your thoughts with colleagues right on the content itself
Discuss the content where it lives. Switching between email or chat is over.

Works out of the box with any type of content

umanai can recognise links from all your favourite and often used tools

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Trusted by over 30 leading teams

Since we launched, our #interesting Slack channels are empty

The world of digital marketing is evolving faster than ever. As a leading digital agency, knowledge sharing is crucial for us to stay on top of the latest trends. We used to share everything via Slack channels, but as our team grew to 50 people we needed a scalable solution.

Tijs Balcaen Knowledge & Innovation Manager